Potato lefse

Sweets and Snack Menu

Scandinavian Sweet

Sandbakkles with real lemon butter ~ $2.25

Danish Kringle ~ $2.25

Krumkake ~ $2.25

Fattigmann ~ $2.25

Mom's gingersnaps ~ $2.25

Cardamom cookies (2) ~ $2.25

Rosettes ~ $2.25

Lingonberry Chocolate Puffs (2) ~ $2.25

​Dessert Platter (12 items of assorted desserts) ~ $15.95

Cinnamon bun Fridays only (1) ~ $4.95

Little Ole's Favourite ~ $9.95

Our soft hardanger lefse is smothered in cheddar cheese and melted to perfection.  Perfect for hard-to-please appetites!

Norwegian Heart Waffles ~ $14.95

Our unique heart waffles are served with whipped cream along with your choice of lingonberries or Saskatoon berries.

Aunt Ruby's Reuben Sandwiches ~ $14.95

A touch of old-fashion whole grain Dijon mustard on Swedish rye bread with corned beef, sauerkraut, and melted Swiss cheese topped with a dill pickle. Served with our signature lefse herb chips.

A Pound of Pault (Komle, Klub) ~ $14.95

For those who have come with an appetite, a savoury potato dumpling with bacon and lots of real butter, served with lingonberries and golden syrup.

Swedish Meatballs ~ $14.95

Our homemade meatballs and gravy are served with mashed potatoes, hardanger lefse, and lingonberries.

Norwegian Nachos ~ $14.95

Crisp flatbread chips covered with your choice of cheddar and chives or gjetost cheese, with sour cream, salsa or lingonberries.

Lefse Wrap ~ $14.95

​Your choice of chicken, roast beef, egg salad or bean salad with lettuce, peppers, cheddar cheese, all wrapped up in our soft potato lefse.  Sour cream and honey mustard or salsa on the side.

Smoked Salmon Plate ~ $14.95

​Delicately smoked salmon served with Swedish rye bread, cream cheese, beet pickles and a pickled egg.

Danish Open-Faced Sandwiches ~ $14.95

Piled high with fresh toppings on our large homemade rye bread, choose between roast beef, horseradish and crunchy onions or roasted cardamom pork and purple cabbage.  You will need to use a fork and knife with these two sandwiches.

Authentic Scandinavian Meals

                             Lunches are served until 3pm daily.

Stop in for a Scandinavian experience you won't soon forget!  Join us for lunch or a light snack.  If you can't stay, we will wrap up any of our delicious lunches or snacks to take on the go.  Check out our menus below.

From Our Kitchen to Yours

Mom's Gingersnaps

All lunches are available in a smaller portion for $9.95

Seasonal Special

Norwegian Taco Salad ~ $14.95

For a spin on the ordinary, try our new Norwegian style taco salad - crisp lettuce, juicy cherry tomatoes, tangy purple onion, sweet peppers, and grated cheese with you choice of taco ground beef, chicken or bean medley.  All served in our crunchy potato lefse bowl with salsa and sour cream on the side. 

The Lefse Dog ~ $9.95

​A locally made European wiener, wrapped in our soft potato lefse, served with mustard, ketchup and dill pickle on the side.

​All lunch selections include a Scandinavian sweet.

Scandinavian Snacks

Potato lefse with sugar and butter ~ $4.95

Swedish rye bread and gjetost ~ $4.95

​Swedish rye bread and herring ~ $4.95

Hardanger lefse and lingonberries ~ $4.95

Fresh flabread and lingonberries ~ $4.95

Slice of fresh pie ~ $3.95

​     ~ Med iskrem ~ $4.95